Microsoft and OpenAI Announce $100 Billion Data Center Project with "Stargate" Supercomputer

Microsoft and OpenAI have teamed up for a groundbreaking data center project that could revolutionize the world of Artificial Intelligence. The project, estimated to cost $100 Billion, aims to advance advanced AI capabilities through the development of an Artificial Intelligence supercomputer named "Stargate".

Shocking Investment

The scale of investment in this project is unprecedented. This will reduce existing data centers by 100 times, signaling a paradigm shift in accommodating the growing demand for AI-enabled infrastructure. It is expected that Microsoft will lead the funding of this important effort. The proposed U.S.-based supercomputer, called "Stargate", is set to launch by 2028.

Growing Demand for Advanced AI Infrastructure

Growth in demand is driven by the rapid integration of generic artificial intelligence technologies. These technologies require a new breed of data centers capable of handling more complex computational tasks. OpenAI, known for its groundbreaking AI research, is set to align its progress with the rollout of "Stargate." The supercomputer is expected to be the major installation in a series of upcoming projects over the next six years.


  • Current Phase: Microsoft and OpenAI are in the third phase of their collaboration plan.
  • Phase 4 Supercomputer: Set to debut around 2026, this supercomputer will be specifically designed for the needs of OpenAI.
  • Stargate: The fifth and final stage, the "Stargate", represents the culmination of this evolutionary journey.


Estimated cost of $100 billion attributed to unknown sources. Discussions with OpenAI CEO Sam Altman and insight into Microsoft's initial cost estimates hint at the sheer scale of this effort. Spending for the plan could exceed $115 Billion, more than triple what Microsoft spent on capital expenditures for servers, buildings and other equipment last year.

AI Chips and Innovation

A significant portion of the cost of the next two phases involves acquiring critical specialized AI chips to power these cutting-edge features. Microsoft's strategic roadmap to advance supercomputing capabilities is set to revolutionize the field of AI.

In short, the Microsoft and OpenAI collaboration promises to reshape the landscape of AI infrastructure, with “Stargate” leading into a new era of computational power and innovation. 

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