iPad Pro Leaked Design and Specifications in Short Article

Apple enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the next-generation iPad Pro models, which are anticipated to be announced in the coming weeks. Here's a roundup of the most important rumors and expectations surrounding these highly anticipated tablets:

iPad Pro In Short Article

1. Design and Display

The iPad Pro has maintained a consistent design since 2018, but that's about to change. Multiple reports suggest that the 2024 models will undergo a substantial reduction in thickness. This change could come alongside a new OLED display, promising deeper blacks, faster refresh rates, and improved contrast compared to the current mini-LED Technology. 

  • The 11-inch iPad Pro is expected to slim down from 5.9 mm to 5.1 mm
  • The larger 12.9-inch iPad Pro will likely go from 6.4 mm to an astonishingly thin 5.0 mm
While the overall design may remain similar, there are vague reports of a Relocated Front-Facing Camera, possibly positioned like the 10th-generation iPad. This would make video calls more natural when using a Magic Keyboard. However, such a change might also impact the location or charging system of the Apple Pencil, as the current wireless charging components occupy the space where the camera could move.

2. M3 Chip for Improved Performance

The next-generation iPad Pro is expected to feature Apple's M3 Chip, a powerhouse based on the A17 Pro architecture and manufactured using TSMC's 3nm process. Here's what you can expect:
  • Performance Boost: In benchmark tests, the M3 outperforms the previous M2 chip by approximately 17% in single-core tasks and 21% in multi-core tasks.
  • Redesigned GPU: The M3 boasts a completely revamped GPU with hardware-accelerated ray-tracing, leading to significantly improved graphics capabilities. Metal benchmarks show around a 15% improvement over the M2.

3. Storage and Capability

Apple is rumored to offer the 2024 OLED iPad Pro Models with a whopping 4TB Storage Option. Currently, the iPad Pro lineup includes storage capacities of 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB, and 2TB. If the 4TB option materializes, we can expect the base storage to increase to 256GB, ensuring that all seventh-generation models are capable of recording ProRes in 4K at 30fps.

4. Anticipated Release

While Apple has not confirmed a launch event, reports suggest that the new iPad Pro models, equipped with the M2 and M3 series processors, could be announced as early as this month or April. This timeline aligns with the typical release cycle for Apple’s Pro devices and has the tech world eagerly waiting.


The 2024 iPad Pro is shaping up to be a technological marvel that could set a new standard for tablets. With its cutting-edge design, powerful performance, and enhanced storage options, it’s clear that Apple is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in a portable device. As the announcement date draws near, all eyes are on Apple to unveil the next chapter in the iPad Pro saga.

This article is based on the latest rumors and reports available as of March 2024. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, please refer to official announcements from Apple.

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